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the line between

by mark knightley


dan frost

Two men, one dog and a partially molested wardrobe are trapped! BUT before they can escape their rooms, they must first escape their minds! Fast paced physical theatre and comedy from two weird and wonderful actors in a weird and wonderful world!



Made and performed by Mark Knightley and Dan Frost for the Edinburgh Gilded Balloon and tour.




"Great rapport and wonderful natural silliness!"  The Scotsman


"Well accomplished physical comedy."  British Theatre Guide 


"The actors move seamlessly across that thin line between comedy and tragedy…fans of physical theatre will love the well choreographed slapstick but it's the more serious moments that will really stick with you."  Three Weeks 


"Handsome, beautifully spoken…catch Frost and Knightley, they are both likely to go very far!" The Stage



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